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What are Natural Fibres or Jute Rugs?

by Varinder Pal 22 Sep 2022 0 Comments
What are Natural Fibres or Jute Rugs?

Natural fibre rugs, made with eco-friendly material, are quite famous for the customers and designers who buy them. They have their unique charm and feel, which makes them appealing. High durability is one of the primary reasons why people buy them. It is a practical choice. Their earthy texture gives the space a relaxed and simple look and feel. Nowadays, various natural fibre rugs are available in the market and online to choose options from online carpet stores. You can buy natural fibre rugs online depending on your need and budget. There are generally four natural fibre rugs: jutesisalhemp and seagrass. Jute rugs are famous because of their natural look and long-lasting quality. Natural fibre rugs in New Zealand come in various materials and designs. Check out natural fibre rugs if you plan to add a natural element to your home flooring.

Jute is one of the roughest and most inexpensive natural fibres for making rugs and carpets. They are perfect for your bedroom as they fit best low-traffic environments. Usually, they are durable for 3-4 years, depending on how well you maintain them. Jute naturally has an earthy tone, but it can colour in various colours. These natural fibre rugs need proper maintenance and cleaning to restore their beauty and quality. You can use them for a few years if you maintain them well.

Here are Some Essential Tips on Maintaining and Taking Care of Your Natural Fibre Rugs/Carpets:

Vacuum cleaning:

Never overlook this step when cleaning the rug. It is necessary for maintaining the natural fibre rug because it removes the dirt and debris, which otherwise causes a lot of damage to the carpet. Without using a vacuum, it is not possible to remove all the dust from the rug. 

Raise the stains:

Natural fibre rugs made with natural fibres should be prevented from moisture. They should never be cleaned with water or, for that matter, with a cleaning agent used for cleaning carpets made with other materials. It would help if you used a gentle cleaning solution you could make at home by combining a teaspoon of white vinegar and a mild detergent. Mix these with a half-gallon of lukewarm water. Dip a clean white rag in the solution and then use this damp rag to blot the stain. 

Drying the rug:

You need to dry your carpet entirely because if that is not done, then there are chances that your rug might shrink, get distorted, and even the corners can curl up. The best way to dry your carpet is to roll it in a clean and dry towel. Removing excess moisture from a rug will be assisted. Depending on how wet the carpet is, you might need to dry it in this manner a few times. 

Why Use Natural Fibre Rugs?

Natural fibre rugs come with specific features which make them popular with people. Here are some reasons why you should buy natural fibre rugs:

  • They are quite inexpensive and can suit the budget of most people. You can find natural rugs for sale online.
  • They can easily blend with any style of décor.
  • They add instant warmth to any living space. The colours and texture of natural fibre rugs create a soothing atmosphere.
  • They get quickly matched with other rugs and patterns. They can be best used in open-concept homes as they blend well with any colour and design of the space. 
  • They can layer with other rugs. Smaller rugs can beautifully use on these natural fibre rugs.
  • They are durable if maintained and cleaned well.


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