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Variety Of Cushions for Different Decors

by Varinder Pal 22 Sep 2022 0 Comments
Variety Of Cushions for Different Decors

Cushions play a vital role in any home décor. Choosing the right pillows for one’s home is not easy as they reflect one’s decorating style and taste. It is a difficult task, especially when you have much to choose from. A lovely and right collection of cushions can make your home look beautiful. 

Cushions are inexpensive to brighten up and bring your home to life. You can mix up the cushions and give them a different look and feel.

If your furniture is of light or neutral colour, then go for colourful cushions to give your living space a charming look. You can even pair the pillows with the artwork in your home.

Choose the Cushions for Your Home

Hand-Block Cushions:

Inspired by Indian durries, the hand block cushion is one of the finest. Skilled artisans make these cushions with 100 % pure cotton. A cushion filler also comes along with each cushion.

Embroider Cushion:

These handmade or hand-loomed embroidered cushions have suzani hand embroidery. The cushions come with pom pom detailing, adding more charm. These cushion covers have a zip closer to the backside. The size of these cushions is 45 x 45 CM. Vegetable dye colours are used to dye rug cushions to make them eco-friendly.

Cowhide Cushions:

If you plan to add a sophisticated and smart look to your living space, go for our cowhide cushions. Our leather cushion covers are made with pure cowhide skin, making them highly durable. They are made in India and come in the size of 45 x 45 cm. Cowhide leather cushion covers can be perfect for your living space. Buy leather cushions at the best price online. 

Best Way Keeping Cushions on Your Sofa?

Well, it all depends on the configuration of your sofa. You can place scatter cushions in the corners of your couch, leaving the middle section free for seating. Never overcrowd your sofa with cushions. 

You can also use odd numbers of cushions on your sofa. Place two on one side and one on the other side when it comes to a four-seater sofa. 

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