Indian Runner Rugs

Indian hand-knotted runner rugs from Rug House have a unique form and may be used just like any other rug. They must be highly dirt-repellent since they must withstand heavy use, lie in often-used rooms, and wear street shoes in the entry area. But hand-knotted rug runners have a lengthy...

Indian hand-knotted runner rugs from Rug House have a unique form and may be used just like any other rug. They must be highly dirt-repellent since they must withstand heavy use, lie in often-used rooms, and wear street shoes in the entry area. But hand-knotted rug runners have a lengthy lifespan and an excellent price-to-performance ratio. Whether in the hallway, in front of the kitchenette, or next to the bed. Home wouldn't be as lovely without an Indian runner's rug.

There are Indian runner rugs available for any purpose because of the creativity of knotters. All hand-knotted runners have in common that they are pretty robust because of how they are made. Although nomads used to weave these Indian Runner carpets for everyday uses like bed linen, we now mainly utilise them in transit zones. The hallway is an excellent illustration of this.

Why You Need An Indian Runner Rug

Even though individuals nowadays like giving their homes a contemporary or modern makeover, Indian culture is recognised for its traditions. India is well recognised for its traditional fashions. Traditional handwoven rugs, carpets, and kilims come in various patterns, motifs, and colour combinations. The most attractive feature of traditional carpets is that each rug has a unique design pattern.

Historically, traditional rug patterns originated in places like Persia, India and Afghanistan., around the 12th century. Indian traditional handmade carpets are the most excellent choice for your home's interior design. The aesthetic appeal of your home may be revived with the help of handwoven carpets. Adding a rug is one of the most crucial elements to improving the overall appearance of your house.

How To Decorate Home and Office With Indian Runner Rugs

A handwoven carpet may liven up your living spaces attractively or appealingly. The living, dining, bedroom and kitchen area make no difference. The arrangement of every room must be chosen before you can give your living space a whole new appearance and style, whether you are updating your entire house's décor or designing the interior of a new home.

You must develop a flawless décor strategy to achieve the ideal living area. You must establish different time frames for each space in your house following traffic to get the perfect interior. You must precisely measure the floor area where you want to install the rug to choose the best carpet that will match your living space. In addition to rug size, you should consider the carpets' colour, pattern, and texture in light of the decor of your room.

Shop High-Quality Indian Runner Rugs Online in NZ at a Reasonable Rate.

You may have seen expensive area rugs when shopping for rugs and been perplexed as to why they cost what they do. This article will thoroughly explain why rugs are so expensive if you've ever wondered about them while purchasing one for your home, workplace, or business location. This article will explain how much a rug costs to understand what you're paying.

The material a rug is made of is one of the most critical variables in determining what is written on its tag. The material impacts the rug's lifetime, durability, and washing instruction, three significant elements that affect how much carpets cost. Finding the answer to this question can help you understand why particular carpets are so expensive and why some, although having a similar pattern to the more expensive ones, are more cost-effective.

Choose Wide Collections of Indian Runner Rugs for Your Home and Offices

Once you've found the ideal carpet for your room, move all the furniture out of the way, layer your rug on the floor, and then arrange all of the home's furnishings—including the sofa and coffee table—on top of it. I recommend getting a large rug for the living room so that the entire space is covered and you have room left over after placing all the furniture on it.

You may also benefit from medium-sized handmade carpets if you have a standard-sized living room. You will only be able to place the front legs of the furniture on a medium-sized rug. If the living room is tiny, choose a carpet that isn't too big so that one centre table may be put on it. Choose any geometric or pattern carpets, such as floral area rugs, if you want to add some designs and patterns to your living space.

Pros and Cons of Indian Runner Rugs

Here are some Pros and Cons of Indian Runner Rugs:


  • Luxury: Silk shines beautifully and is the ideal material for a stunning focal point in any space, although it works best in high-traffic areas. To decorate the site and make it stand out from the rest of the room, put it in a reading nook or alcove.
  • Design: Designs with intricate details may be created on silk, which is perfect if you want something with exquisite baroque detail.
  • Fabric: One of the most robust natural fabrics on Earth is silk.
  • Texture: It is perfect for producing garments since it is soft and secure, and despite its texture, it is not slippery.
  • Colour: Rugs come in a wide range of glistening colours.


  • Maintenance: Silk cannot be cleaned with bleach. Additionally, it needs expert cleaning.
  • Price: Silk rugs are more expensive than wool and cotton since more labour and resources are required to produce them.
  • Footprint: Silk rugs may display them.

Why Choose Us for Indian Runner Rugs?

A gorgeous Indian runner rug may completely change the look of your space while adding value, personality, and style at a reasonable price. The finest Indian wool combined with silk or cotton is used to hand-knot each of our Indian runner carpets. Although they are frequently based on conventional Persian designs, mats made in India offer you a more affordable choice without sacrificing quality.

One of the most excellent selections of Indian carpets in London is available for purchase online or in our store. We promise that the product photographs are as accurate as we can make them. Some rug colours may vary slightly due to computer displays and lighting variations. There may be differences in wear, colour, and dimensions because many of our pieces are vintage, antique, handcrafted, and unique. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding a particular item.