Vintage Yazd Hand-Knotted Wool Persian Rug (Size: 300 X 380 CM)

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Size: 300 X 380 CM

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Country: Iran (Persia)
Region: Yazd
Design: Afshoon
Pile: Wool
Weave: Hand-Knotted
Age: Approximate 20 years old
Condition: Uneven Worn
Reasonable condition according to age

Yazd rugs are the most gorgeous rugs in the Persian rug family. These rugs colours and incredible patterns remind ancient beautiful rugs history which was knotted in early centuries in Iran. They used a number of colours in the rugs and rich burgundy is the normal base colour of the pattern, they also use green, blue, orange and also other colours. The Yazd city is located in the province of Yazd and it is not too far from the city of Kerman, Nain, Kashan and Qum. No words can describe the beauty of the rugs.

Please Note - This rug comes with an Authenticity certificate.

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