Vintage Ardakan Hand-Knotted Wool Persian Rug (Size: 300 X 410 CM)

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Size: 300 X 410 CM

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Country: Iran (Persia)
Region: Ardakan
Design: Afshoon
Pile: Wool
Weave: Hand-Knotted
Age: Approximate 50 years old
Condition: Uneven Worn
Reasonable condition according to age

This is the best quality fine knots rug in vegetable dyes, Ardakan rugs originate from Ardakan city, northwest corner of Yazd province. A city known for its best Persian carpets in Iran. Ardakan weavers use asymmetrical knots in their rugs. These rugs can take years to produce a single rug by the dedication of the artisan.

Please Note - This rug comes with an Authenticity certificate. 

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