Real Zebra Skin Hide Rug (Premium Quality A Grade)

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Product Type: Real/Genuine Zebra Skin Rug
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Size: 280 X 200 CM

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Genuine Zebra Hide (A Grade Quality)
Material Use: Natural Skin
Origin: South Africa

Stylish and comfortable, this Burchell's Zebra hide is a gorgeous piece of modern Style that can blend perfectly with any decor. It is Premium quality leather with a unique exotic pattern. The hair's quality is superior, which adds a more soft and smooth touch and the shine of the hair is absolutely amazing. These hides are super rare and impossible to find. We are selling top A grade skin which means the hide is top quality with no scars on it. African Burchell's Zebras are not an endangered species and it is legal to have skin or hide.

Rug House offers the best value and wide range of variety to the customers. Our hides are professionally tanned, which makes them extra soft and smooth. All hide rugs have a natural gloss shine. All these hides are anti-slip and sit flat on the surface.

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